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Gary Day

Gary Day is a retired English lecturer.

He is the author of several books including Class; Literary Criticism: A New History and The Story of Drama: Tragedy Comedy and Sacrifice from the Greeks to the Present as well as an Introduction to the classic novel The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.

He has contributed to the Cambridge History of Literary Criticism series, the Cambridge Companion series and the Oxford Handbook series.

He has also edited a number of books on subjects ranging from popular culture to the three volume British Literature 1660-1789 published by Wiley.

In addition, he was a reviewer and columnist for the Times Higher for 20 years and gave the Centenary Lecture on F. R. Leavis at Downing College, Cambridge.

Gary now divides his time between writing poetry, teaching at the Rothsay Education in Bedford, and being involved in amateur theatre.

His work is mostly rooted in personal experience and observation and, over the years, he has had poems published in Outposts, The Writer’s Voice, Silver Apples and Beyond Words.

His full poetry collection The Glass Roof Falls as Rain will be published by Holland Park Press in October 2023.