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Our Authors

Michael Foley

Author of four novels, four non-fiction books and five poetry collections besides Schrödinger in Dublin

Michael Foley was born in 1947 in Derry, Northern Ireland, and educated at St Columb’s College and Queens University, Belfast, where he took degrees in Chemistry and Computer Science and did research in Computer Science. In 1972 he moved to…

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Gary Day

Author of The Glass Roof Falls Like Rain

Gary, a retired English lecturer, now divides his time between writing poetry, teaching at the Rothsay Education in Bedford, and being involved in amateur theatre.

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David Ayres

A wonderful author and story teller spins his tales

Don’t miss his short story collection Top of the Sixties, it continues to delight people.

Holland Park Press publisher:

‘I adore the stories they instantly took me back to the sixties and its boundless optimism’

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Michael Dean

Author of The White Crucifixion & True Freedom

A novel about Marc Chagall & How America came to fight Britain for its independence

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Laura Del-Rivo

Author whose novel was filmed by Michael Winner

New short stories from the author of The Furnished Room.

Holland Park Press publisher:
After meeting Laura on Portobello Market I was intrigued and bowled over by her short stories.

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Anthony Ferner

Author of Winegarden & Life in Translation

Winegarden is set at elusive boundary between physics and metaphysics. Life in Translation, a novel, about disentangling the knotty syntax of your own life.

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Marilyn Hacker

Recipient of the National Book Award & Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets

She worked with Deema Shehabi on the great poem sequence Diaspo/Renga.

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Karen Hayes

Author of The Houses Along the Wall

Author of The Houses Along the Wall and the forthcoming poetry collection A Sense of Tiptoe

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Yael Politis

Exciting new author discovered on YouWriteOn

Her first novel The Lonely Tree has been receiving excellent reviews.

Holland Park Press publisher:

‘I simply loved reading The Lonely Tree. It tells a compelling and moving story about the soul of Israel and I am proud to publish it.’

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Deema K Shehabi

Palestinian-American poet nominated three times for a Pushcart prize

She worked with Marilyn Hacker on the great poem sequence Disaspo/Renga

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Hilaire –

The poetic voice South of the river in London Undercurrents

Celebrating the hidden histories of London’s unsung heroines

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