Waiting to Be Published

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We have five wonderful books in the pipeline waiting to be published but we need a literature loving philanthropist or investor to support us. The first three books are: The Glass Roof Falls as Rain by Gary Day, a poetry…

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Photos from the launch of Over the Edge

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We're delighted to share a few pictures from the very successful launch of Norbert Hirschhorn's new poetry collection Over the Edge. Norbert and his wife Cynthia travelled all the way from Minneapolis to be at the October Gallery in London…

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Space Inhabited by Echoes

Space Inhabited by Echoes

Candid poems about relationships, family and moving country...

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    Publishing Diary

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    Monday 19 February Books arrived from the printers over the weekend and today I made my very first visit to the Post Office in Devizes. It's conveniently located inside Sainsbury's at the end of my street and is open every…

    Our Publishing Adventure Turns a Corner 2

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    Monday 9 October No news or any progress on the housing situation and there isn’t anything I can do at the moment to push things forward. I’m working on general promotion and on getting the new books ready, but it…

    Our Publishing Adventure Turns a Corner

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    Friday 24 March Some people have the knack of making something special of even the most mundane situation. It’s a gift. Take our bus driver today, who drove the 7.32 bus to Cirencester and the 17.10 back, a long day…