The Glass Roof Falls as Rain

Gary Day


Sample Passages

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    A devil plays the piano
    In the station concourse
    An angel does the can-can.
    If the travellers stop moving
    They turn to stone.
    Truth refuses to pay for a ticket.
    The glass roof falls as rain.
    Sea levels rise in the elegant shops.
    A tree erupts through the marble floor,
    Its leaves all talking at once.
    The devil receives a text,
    Bows, and exits stage left.
    The tannoy announces a pair of wings
    Have been handed into lost property.
    The mighty waters retreat to the void.
    All kinds of uniforms
    Resume their Brownian motion
    As an asteroid drops in
    On the unconscious ammonites
    And rocks the dinosaurs’ world.


In The Glass Roof Falls as Rain, Gary Day focuses on the everyday to explore the big questions of life, love and the universe.

The author’s observations make this collection so special. Whether it concerns his parents, a painting, or indeed the weather, the seemingly unimportant is put under a lens. In just a few words a whole new world is exposed.

The poems have a remarkable rhythm, which acts like a personal fingerprint, and sucks you into the pulse of life, love and loss. And that is what remains of us.

Gary Day believes that writing poetry is a way of learning about yourself and of finding common ground with others.

The resulting collection is a deeply moving account of the meaning of life.

The Poems

Incident, 1962
Night Drive
Putting Out the Rubbish
Hanging Out the Washing
Snow Globe
In Memoriam
What’s App Love Chat
Hall Park: Dead December Day
Am Dram
Van Gogh Exhibition (Tate, 2019)
Conversations about Art
Poetry Course (In memory of Peter Stileman)
Last holiday
Coral Reef
Country Park: Spring Bank Holiday
The Art of Love
The Art of Perspective
The Waste Land Revisited
Not Cricket
Watch Carefully
This Is a Poem
Mystery Incident
Bette Davis
Celestial Mechanics
No Exit

ISBN: 9781907320903
Number of pages: 69
Price: £0

Publishing date: 2 May 2024


‘Gary Day’s poems may derive from a love of literature, nature and art but are most profound in the brief glimpses they offer of relationships and lives. We are shown moments when an individual might stand on the edge of some new knowledge, reaching towards an insight which eludes simple definition and towards which words can merely gesture. Some of the shortest poems in this book will linger long in recollection.’ – Kathleen Bell

‘Admirers of Gary Day’s literary criticism for its humane, perceptive and wide-ranging intelligence will not be surprised to find those qualities very much in evidence here. His poetry has a keen-eyed appreciation of the particular in the general, the unique in the everyday, and the power of certain chanced-upon scenes or events to epitomise a life, a town, a period, or a mood. The poems are technically adroit, formally accomplished, and often remarkable for drawing such a wealth of expressive resources from language that is strikingly simple yet eloquent. A wonderful first collection!’ – Christopher Norris

‘This is a beautiful collection of poems that makes ‘the familiar… / flame like a star.’ In it, snowdrops, trees, daffodils, the moon, even poetry itself seem to gain consciousness, speak back to us. This is poetry as ‘the perfect host’ who ‘welcomes all her guests’: approachable, exquisite, vivid.’ – Dr Jonathan P Taylor

‘Gary Day’s poems are a testament to the human condition explored through the familiar and the everyday. Such ordinary acts as putting out the rubbish, weeding and hanging up the washing acquire an existential quality. Yet the poems remain highly accessible as the poet nostalgically considers “what is lost”, while looking through a glass darkly “And weeps that he once/Held a world in the palm of his hand”.’ – Sue Hubbard