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Virtual Bookstall: Part 2 – Novels About Painters: The Yellow House, Hold Still & The White Crucifixion

January 18, 2021

Arnold and Bernadette continue running their virtual bookstall from Bernadette’s study with dog Harry as their very real companion. This time they introduce books that feature iconic painters:

Vincent van Gogh in The Yellow House by Jeroen Blokhuis about Vincent’s time in Arles told from his point of view.
Hold Still is about Joanna Hiffernan, the muse of James Whistler & Gustave Courbet, by Cherry Smyth. Joanna sat for famous paintings including The Girl in White, La Belle Irlandaise and L’Origine du Monde.
In The White Crucifixion, Michael Dean paints a fictional account of Marc Chagall’s eventful life.

All books are available from this website and for US customers also from SPD.

Check out the first instalment.

PS: Harry a proper publisher’s dog. Why? he doesn’t touch books, even when left alone in the study, because he knows ‘they are not for doggies’.