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Pictures from the launch of Vincent Bijlo’s The Institute

April 28, 2017

On 26 April the Dutch Ambassador Simon Smits threw a party to celebrate the English translation of Vincent Bijlo’s first novel The Institute.
It turned into a marvellous party with Vincent Bijlo reading and even, at the grand piano, singing a love song about his wife Mariska Reijmerink who had translated it especially for this occasion.
Simon Smits introducing Vincent Bijlo
Simon Smits introduced Vincent Bijlo. This was translated into sign language by the lady on the right and Paul Haenen who was one of the guests can just be seen on the right.
Taking pictures
This prompted many people to start taking pictures including Mariska Reijmerink and Dammie van Geest.
Vincent Bijlo reading
Vincent Bijlo read from The Institute with his fingers using his Braille terminal.
Vincent Bijlo sitting down in Pieter Gerbrandy's chair
Vincent Bijlo was invited to sit down in the recently restored chair which was used by Pieter Gerbrandy PM of the Dutch Government in exile during World War II.
Authors meet their copy editor
An excellent opportunity for the publisher to introduce authors Wendy Brandmark and Anthony Ferner on the left to their wonderful copy editor Catherine Best on the right.
Vincent Bijlo and his translator Susan Ridder
Last but not least, Vincent Bijlo and his excellent translator Susan Ridder in front of a painting of Dutch King William I.
We would like to thank Simon Smits, Jannet Duijndam and the embassy staff for hosting a very successful reception with plenty of drinks and lovely Dutch canapés.
The Institute is available in English & Dutch.