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Pictures from the end of year party

December 30, 2013

A celebration of our wonderful launches this year: To Sing Away the Darkest Days by Norbert Hirschhorn, Where is My Mask of an Honest Man? by Laura Del-Rivo and Hold Still by Cherry Smyth

And here are the pictures:

the publisher
The publisher introduces the evening

Laura Del-Rivo
Laura Del-Rivo enjoying the applause after her wonderful reading

Norbert Hirschhorn
Norbert Hirschhorn amusing us with his poetic interpretation of Yiddish Folksongs

the audience
The audience hanging on to every word

Arnold Jansen op de Haar
Arnold Jansen op de Haar sums up the year by reading two of his columns and two of his new poems

A big thank you to Great Western Studios for hosting this event in their exciting performace space.We will be back.

A special thank you to Tony Annis for the lovely pictures.

All books are available from our online shop.