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Make These Books Happen

June 21, 2022

We’re very excited about the new books we have signed up so far:

The Past Is a Dangerous Driver – Poems by Neal Mason

‘Here is poetry as history book, almanac and calendar, suffused with humanity and glowing with empathy.’ – Ian McMillan

A Diamond in the Dust by Michael Dean – a fictionalised account of the life of Charles I from his birth to the age of twenty-eight, first book in the trilogy, The Stuarts, Love, Art, War

Totally White Room – by Gerrit Kouwenaar, translated by Lloyd Haft, a very personal account about loss, memories and saying goodbye following the death of his wife by one of the foremost Dutch poets.

The Way to Hornsey Rise – a memoir by Jeremy Worman, about how a public schoolboy ends up in Europe’s largest squat.

In order to publish these books, we need to raise sufficient funds. All books need their covers designed, we’re very proud of our covers and get lots of compliments about them. On markets, designers regularly ask me if they can take pictures, so we don’t want to compromise on the quality.

All books need to go to layout. This process is particularly difficult for poetry collections as the location of each word really matters.

The two prose books need a meticulous round of copy editing. We have an experienced editor but this too costs money.

For each individual item, the support we need amounts to between 500 to 900 pounds. All donations are very welcome.

Everyone who donates £50+ will get a copy of the book that’s being sponsored and will be mentioned on our website.

Those very generous individuals who contribute half or more for one particular item will be acknowledged in the book, on the website, receive two free copies and be guest of honour at the launch.

If you prefer, you can make an anonymous donation.

To donate


You can use our PayPal donations page:

Bank Transfer

or, if you prefer, you can pay directly into our bank account, our bank details are:
account no: 60081694 sort code: 600208 iban: GB98NWBK60020860081694

In both cases, please mention the book and item (cover, layout, editing) you would like to support.

You can also contact the publisher directly:, +44 (0) 77 926 11 929.

Thank you very much for your support!