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Looking for Intelligent People Who Like To Read

February 14, 2014

I know it’s all the rage to be inclusive and cater for everyone but why should we be ruled by the lowest common denominator?

As I’m writing this, the Olympic Winter Games are taking place in Sochi. It’s all all about celebrating the elite, the champions, and rightly so. I certainly enjoy watching it, especially skiing and skating. And, this may surprise you, I love speed & figure skating. The former probably because I’m Dutch, and a Dutch person is virtually born with their (speed) skates on. Figure skating is athletic and artistic and speed skating is very much akin to running or cycling, taking basic movements to their extreme limits.

So in sport, we celebrate being the best, being part of an elite. Wonderful, so why can’t we celebrate that in other walks of life?

For example, why do we have to sit through endless ‘open mike’ events, when anyone who thinks they’ve written a poem can stand up and read it out. Writing a good poem requires as much skill as being an Olympian. An interesting idea doesn’t necessarily produce a good poem, in the same way that having a lot of drive doesn’t automatically turn you into an Olympian.

So in the Olympian spirit I’m striving for the best. That’s why I founded Holland Park Press, to be able to publish books that catch the attention, make history, and add something significant to human history.

I’m appealing for readers who are Olympian in spirit, want to be challenged, want to be there when it happens and care for what we leave behind.

Isn’t it amazing we’re still reading and even more so performing Shakespeare? Have you read the Gospels as an example of good literature? They are a textbook case of saying a lot in very few words.

These and other ancient texts are still alive, long after the Olympians have gone.

So therefore I challenge you, intelligent people, who like to read. Don’t be afraid to be part of the elite. Make yourself known and ask for challenging reading.

For example this is a slim book written in original sentences

Where is My Mask of an Honest Man?