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Diaspo/Renga by Marilyn Hacker & Deema K Shehabi

May 8, 2014

We’re delighted to add another innovative & provoking collection to our growing poetry list.

It all began when Marilyn Hacker, recipient of a National Book Award and Chancellor of American Academy of Poets based in Paris, sent Deema Shehabi, a promising published poet from Palestinian descent, based in California, an unexpected email containing a renga about a steadfast yet emotionally wounded child lamenting her fate during the invasion of Gaza in January 2009.

This must-read poetic conversation, conducted by email, continued until 2013 between these two poets from different generations and backgrounds.

It explores the human experience in the midst of conflicts, and is not only relevant for people who have been affected by conflicts in the Middle East, but will also appeal to those touched by armed conflicts anywhere the world.

Copies of Diaspo/Renga will be available in early June.

If you would like a review copy, press information, or pre-order any copies, please contact the publisher by email or phone + 44 (0) 77 92611929

Diaspo/Renga is distributed in the USA by SPD