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Holland Park Press


Arnold Jansen op de Haar

Join the writer on a quest to find out what really matters in life.

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We find out what happened to Tijmen after he leaves Bosnia. He is now in his mid forties and yes, he did become a writer and published a novel, a poetry collection and various columns. But at a cost, his personal life is very lonely, and he goes through life without ever having found a companion.

You expect peace to give you all the freedom you want but Tijmen finds that you are still trapped if you are in the wrong environment. Angel is a story about expectations, failures and the fragility of human existence.

We travel back to the past and find out more about why Tijmen feels the way he does. The world of his parents, his uncle, the hero of the resistance and his childhood in a small provincial town, have all left their mark on him.  This reflects clearly how the world has changed during the last seventy years.

Just when Tijmen has lost all hope, when he can no longer belong, Angel appears. This does not remove his needs to escape from the suffocating parochial society that surrounds him.

Angel di Tommaso, offspring of a broken family, works in a massage salon and is a budding singer by night. Tijmen Klein-Gildekamp comes from a close knit family and has taken on the literary world. This does not look like the ‘perfect match,’ let alone likely to produce the ‘white tie wedding’ that was expected of him once he grew up.

It is Angel’s contrasting background that makes it even more urgent to break free. A lottery win enables him to do just that: to disappear because he wants to be lost.

A series of incidents follows and their vivid description reminds us of a film script. They take us to the south of Spain and London.
Interestingly during a long and revealing chat in a well known London wine bar Angel and Tijmen discover that they share a history. This knowledge when it is seen in its true light nearly leads to a disaster on Waterloo Bridge.
After yet another incident, Tijmen, taking Angel with him, decides to run away as far as they can get from interfering people to a remote Scottish island.

But can you escape from yourself?

Maybe not but what survives of us is love. Can we trust in this faith?

Buy the book to find out Tijmen’s fate.

£12.99 - €15.00 - $18.00
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ISBN: 978-1-907320-07-1
Number of pages: 215
Price: £12.99

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What was said about Angel

‘The story is very intriguing ... another interesting aspect is the inclusion of poetry’
‘If you like your novels to be rich in complexity … a thriller with a bit of rhythmic difference … you’ll enjoy Angel’  life between pages blog

‘The book is beautifully written and the tone is wonderfully eloquent.’
‘Every page I turned made me want to find out more about him and his love interest Angel.’ - Joanne Clancy on her blog

‘Jansen op de Haar continues to demonstrate a rare talent of writing succinctly, yet with impact.’ - Stephen Phillips on his blog

‘Frequently alternating narratives spanning history and current day, interspersed with poetic elements and pop culture references, create a rich and moving tapestry of life that is hard to look away from (at times, ‘like a car accident’).’ - Booklover Book Reviews

‘it is compelling, and as the novel goes on it gathers pace’ - Watching The Coast

‘Intriguing, exciting and full of striking scenes’ – Xandra Schutte, publisher
‘An intriguing book. Very well written. Congratulations’ – Anna Penta, editor

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