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The Lonely Tree on Twitter

May 14, 2010

Watch her fall in love with Amos Amrani, a handsome exotic Yemenite who fights in the Jewish underground. Find out how it feels to grow up when your country fights for its independence. How does Tonia deal with the horrible truth that slowly emerges from Nazi occupied Europe?

No wonder she longs for comfort and security and a picture of a beautiful house in the USA keeps her going. Will Tonia ever own her dream house?

You can now keep up to date with all events in Tonia Shulman’s life by following her on Twitter @ToniaShulman

Of course in order to read the full story you have to buy the book: The Lonely Tree by Yael Politis. This is easy enough, just go to The Lonely Tree page and select the ‘order link’ in the top right hand corner on the page.