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Serialization of Eline Vere: Part 3

March 4, 2012

By Louis Couperus

In part 3 of our serialization of Eline Vere, the novel that made Louis Couperus name we:

  • Have a look around Eline’s sitting room
  • Hear her singing
  • Are introduced to her good friend Paul van Raat, his mother old Mrs van Raat and the Verstraetens’ family
  • There is also a bit of a strained dinner party where class and money get in the way of Jeanne and Frans Ferelijn
  • We meet the black sheep of the family Vincent at the opera
  • And someone who is to occupy a lot of Eline’s thoughts and emotions over the coming months…


By the way, Dutch author Louis Couperus was widely translated during his lifetime, and he was so famous that when he visited London in the 1920s he was invited for a meeting with the then Prime Minister Asquith and the Opposition Leader! I think we have lost something.