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Serialization of Eline Vere: Part 2

February 3, 2012

By Louis Couperus

In 1887 Louis Couperus wrote the novel that he hoped would show them that he could write: Eline Vere. It was serialised in Het Vaderland, one of the main papers based in The Hague.

It made his name and was so popular that the last instalment was the topic for discussion everywhere in the city: Have you heard what happened to Eline? When he was pressed to reveal on whom Eline was modelled, he simply said: ‘Eline, that’s me’.

In Part 2 we find out what Eline looks like and why she is her father’s daughter whereas her sister Betsy resembles her mother. Eline idolises her father and somehow Betsy got married.

Don’t miss out, get started on part 2.