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Poetry & Translation at the Poetry Cafe

July 10, 2012

We’re delighted to take over the baton from Sebastian Hayes and continue his fabulous Poetry in Translation series at the Poetry Cafe London.

Wednesday 25 July, 7.30 pm at the Poetry Cafe 22 Betterton Street London WC2H 9BX

In the new format we’ll feature a poet-translator and a writer or well-known figure to explain why poetry in translation has made an impact on their life.

We’re making a flying start with Sarah Lawson who gives us the ins and outs of translating Jacques Prévert as well as treating us to a few of his poems. Jacques Prévert is a celebrity in France and famous artists have sung his lyrics including Marianne Oswald, Yves Montand, and Édith Piaf, as well Joan Baez and Iggy Pop. Although we in the UK, we mainly celebrate him for the screenplay of Les Enfants du Paradis.

Sarah Lawson is a well known writer, poet and translator and you can find more information in the July programme.

Translating poems is great but we want to know why it matters. That’s why at each session we will invite someone to give us an insight. First up is Arnold Jansen op de Haar who will explain why poetry inspired him to quit a promising career as an army officer to become a full-time poet and writer.

For the full details check out the July programme.

Intrigued? I hope you have many questions because our speakers are looking forward to answer them.

The entrance fee is £5, payable on the door, and to make sure you don’t miss out you can email us at Bernadette [at] to reserve a place.

We don’t want you to get lost so consult this map to find your way to the poetry cafe.

If you are a poet translator and would like to be featured at the Poetry Cafe, our publisher is keen to hear from you. Please contact Bernadette Jansen op de Haar at Bernadette [at]