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Pictures from the Awards Ceremony

March 4, 2014

By Holland Park Press

We all had a great time listening to wonderful poetry in lovely company.

All 11 nominated English poems and 6 nominated Dutch poems were read and the judges discussed their jury reports.

Lois Williams ready to read ‘The Caravan at Holme’ one of the two English runners-up.

Rosemary Gemmell raising a glass to her poem ‘Metal Giraffes on the Clyde’.

Jonathan Totman who read his poem ‘Fenland’ by heart.

Deborah Mason reading ‘Summer on Suomenlinna’.

Helen Victoria Anderson reading ‘Headland’

Poets and judges Donald Gardner and Arnold Jansen op de Haar celebrating together with the publisher.

Judge Donald Gardner addressing the audience.

You can read all nominated poems, and the English and Dutch jury reports in our magazine.

We would like to thank Great Western Studios for hosting the event. A big thank you to our photographer Tony Annis for the lovely pictures.