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My Father from King of Tuzla

June 17, 2010

Holland Park Press is about to publish King of Tuzla by Arnold Jansen op de Haar. A timely novel about how it feels to serve in the army during a war, in this case the Bosnian conflict, the most recent war in Europe.

To celebrate Father’s Day, Sunday 20th June, we have published an additional excerpt from King of Tuzla, in it, Tijmen a young army captain paints this affectionate portrait of his father after a visit home.

‘No, Gijs never wanted a decoration. He wouldn’t talk about it. And yet he was head of the resistance. We just knew. Sometimes I delivered letters for him to”_’
      His father glanced at him and thought.
      ‘Arnhem, Ommen, Sneek, Assen”_ But that was only at the end of the war, you understand.’
      His eyes grew moist. He didn’t even notice the fact that Tijmen’s mother kept butting in. Hard of hearing on one side. Handsome face, with artistic, white hair. Bald on top of course just like Tijmen. On holidays in guesthouses this sometimes created quite a commotion: he was mistaken for the CEO of a large company.

You can read the full passage from this page.