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King of Tuzla – Reviewed – Updated

September 7, 2010

‘The book is a cracking read and I flew through it in a couple of days. Arnold Jansen op de Haar has obviously written this book from the heart…’
‘King of Tuzla tells the story of service in the Balkans vividly, as only a soldier who served there can relay. It is a must for the library of any military enthusiast or historian.’ – Stephen Phillips Blog
‘What Arnold has wonderfully done is included little stories from the locals about their lives and the effect the wars have had on them.’ – Winstonsdad’s Blog
‘The characterisation of Tijmen and his fellow officers is effective. Tijmen himself is an intriguing character…’
‘There are … some lovely images and gorgeous rhythms … this poignant description of Tijmen’s flat: “Eight years in the same flat, where time’s mechanism had jammed. No-one had been loved there.”‘ – Whispering Gums Blog
A unique and moving novel about a young army captain and poet writer caught up in the most recent war in Europe. Don’t miss the full story! King of Tuzla is available exclusively from this website.