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Have you met Hedwig?

February 9, 2010

Hedwig’s Journey by Frederik van Eeden is the latest addition to our list.

It is a wonderful, very recognisable portrait of a girl growing up to become a remarkable woman. She encounters joys and sorrows and finds out the difference between love and lust the hard way. But in the end she overcomes her addiction and puts her life back together again.

Through her eyes we see life in a provincial town, the glittering social life in London and that of the aristocracy in the country side.  We follow her experience of being treated in psychiatric hospital and living penniless in Paris before as a true heroine she recreates her life by making her own choices.

Hedwig questions, suffers but she conquers and we follow her gladly. I am very proud to make this thought provoking classic novel available to you.

You can order Hedwig’s Journey now from this page.