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Gerard Reve (1923-2006) speaks from beyond the grave

December 2, 2009

‘Let us no longer express ourselves in the local vernacular, but

rather make sure our work sees the light of day in, for example, the

English language.

The odd 863 Dutchmen who are likely to buy our work will hopefully

do so anyway. It could be that we succeed in outwitting our nurses and,

what is far more important, make sure they can actually read us in Paris

and New York.

If we do have a contribution to make, then our work will be recognised as such and will find its audience…’

This extract is from page 335 of the recently published biography by Nop Maas: Gerard Reve, de vroege jaren (Gerard Reve, The Early Years), published by Van Oorschot.

Gerard Reve lived in London during the fifties to pursue his dream to write and be published in English.

That’s why Holland Park Press exists: to give talented writers the chance to follow Gerard’s dream and be published in English.