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David Ayres previews A Painted Ocean – Prose at the Pub

June 10, 2013

By Holland Park Press

The Mitre, Lord Craven Grill, 24 Craven Terrace London W2 3QH
Sunday 30 June at 5:00 pm
Tickets at the door: £5 = voucher for one of the authors’ books

David Ayres previews A Painted Ocean

We’re curious to find out what David Ayres, author of Top of the Sixties, who has turned his hand to teaching, playing the guitar and flying an aeroplane, though not necessarily at the same time, is going to tell us about his new adventure: a full length novel called A Painted Ocean. Arnold Jansen op de Haar, author of Angel, will put the questions to him. They’re old sparring partners, so expect some fireworks.

A Painted Ocean

In a quiet Oxfordshire village who would guess the turmoil beneath the surface?
A revealing tale of jealousy, perversion, guilt and murder – concealed under a veneer of respectability and community spirit. Nothing is what it seems . . .

David Ayres
David Ayres
David Ayres held several Head of Languages posts at secondary schools in the West Midlands. He won an award for English literature at school when he was just seventeen. David’s work has been published regularly in magazines and he continues writing because, as he tells people, he can’t help it. His main reason for writing has always been in order to be read. Enjoy his blogs.

Arnold Jansen op de Haar
arnold jansen op de haar
Arnold quit his career as an army officer to become the author of King of Tuzla, Angel and Yugoslav Requiem. His work has been widely published and he has appeared at many literary events. He’s been writing literary columns since 1999, teaches creative writing, and is a literary advisor for Holland Park Press. His new poetry collection will be published later this year.   

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