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And the winner is…

September 24, 2010

We are very pleased to announce that Penny Boxall’s poem What Came First has won the Frederik van Eeden Poetry Competition.

Stephen Watts had the difficult task of selected the winning poem from a very strong shortlist. He selected What Came First because as he put it:

I felt that the language was strong & accurate, consistently so. I liked the balance of lucidity & reticence. And I liked the risk of the line ‘an almost-dome inside an O’.

Many congratulations to Penny Boxall, she receievd then£100 prize and her poem What Came First has been published in our magazine and you can read it on this page.

Because of the very strong shortlist we have decided to also publish the poem of one runner-up in our magazine:

Island Bays by Venetia Ghozlan
In addition to poet Stephen Watts, the jury consisted of the Holland Press publishing advisor and author Arnold Jansen op de Haar and the Publisher.