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Waiting to Be Published

September 29, 2023

We have five wonderful books in the pipeline waiting to be published but we need a literature loving philanthropist or investor to support us.

The first three books are:

The Glass Roof Falls as Rain by Gary Day, a poetry collection that is a testament to the human condition explored through the familiar and the everyday.

The King’s Art by Michael Dean, the second novel in a trilogy about The Stuarts putting Charles I into a different perspective as a patron of the arts. Michael Dean expertly blends fact with fiction to bring us closer to understanding the Stuarts.

Did you know that Nobel-prize-winning physicist Erwin Schrödinger lived in Ireland from 1939 to 1956? Schödinger in Dublin, a novel by Michael Foley explores how the sexually promiscuous much-travelled polymath survives in a backward, insular Catholic country.

These books contribute something unique to English literature and deserve to be published. You can support the #SavedByOneBook campaign by:

Thank you very much!

Michael Dean - Author for Holland Park Press

        Gary Day                  Michael Dean           Michael Foley