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Scott Emblen-Jarrett

Scott Emblen-Jarrett graduated in 2015 from UCL with a BA in Dutch and Spanish. During his studies, he took part in two Erasmus Exchange programmes: Dutch Studies/Linguistics at Leiden University and Hispanic Studies at the University of Valencia.

Since graduating he has been working as a freelance translator. In October and November 2018, he participated in The Chronicles, a scheme run by the Nederlands Letterenfonds (Dutch Foundation for Literature) for up-and-coming translators in Dutch to English.

He translated a series of blogs written by the poet Radna Fabias for Crossing Border Festival and spent two weeks at the Vertalershuis (Translators House) in Amsterdam translating a selection of poems from Radna Fabias’ collection Habitus.

The translation of bestselling Dutch performance poet Jules Deelder’s collection Transeuropa is Scott’s first full length poetry book project.

Scott is based in the UK.