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Publisher in Peril – Part 1

December 8, 2020

2020 was always going to be crunch time for Holland Park Press but I never expected to be also crunched by a virus. Getting through one lockdown was challenging enough, having to deal with it a second time certainly wasn’t for the faint hearted.

That’s why I’m delighted that bookshops and indoor markets have opened up again. Markets, especially, are spacious and airy and provide an excellent Covid-safe environment. Don’t take my word for it: this picture shows a face-masked socially-distanced publisher behind her market stall ready to meet readers.

To make up for lost sales, I’ve booked no less than 12 markets between 4 and 21 December. The first three markets: 4 & 5 Dec in the Shambles market Stroud and 6 Dec in the Corn Hall Cirencester were a joy and successful.

An interesting statistic to share with you: 31% of the books we have published so far are poetry collections but 40% of sales last weekend was poetry. Short story collections performed exactly according to their share which means that the sale of novels underperformed.

Will this trend continue? I don’t know but I will keep you informed.

Is this an indication that there is a lack of visibility of contemporary poetry, because that is what we publish, in bookshops and online websites?

Selling literary books is certainly a rollercoaster ride but you can join me on this journey by buying our books. Most importantly by doing this you support our authors.

Did you know that we publish male and female authors in equal numbers? We’ve also been successful in giving older authors a chance to make their debut and in raising the profile of Dutch authors in translation.

Buy one of our books. Thank you!