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Message From the Publisher

April 1, 2024

Dear Authors, Friends, Supporters & Customers,

This is the message I hoped I would never have to write, certainly not on the fifteenth anniversary of Holland Park Press.

I have very much enjoyed working with our authors and I’m very proud to have published their books. I wish I could have sold more of them. This is not for lack of trying on all our parts.

Therefore a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last fifteen years, by buying books, promoting our titles and giving donations.

After investing all our assets, I and my brother Arnold, who has been running the company with me since its foundation, launched a last attempt at turning the company around. He by moving back to the Netherlands, and I by moving into a friend’s spare bedroom.

To no avail and book sales continued to decline because the current climate doesn’t seem to favour literature and the lockdowns certainly made things worse. As a result, the company debts have built up to such an extent that I can no longer afford to print books.

After considering all the options and discussions with the company’s accountant I have, very reluctantly, come to the conclusion that the only option is to dissolve Holland Park Press.

Before I reached this difficult decision, I tried to find a home for our remarkable list with another publishing company. Two of the most renowned independents congratulated me with our wonderful list and regretted that they could not accommodate the titles.

My and Arnold’s determination to continue is no longer enough and, although it is very painful, we have to say goodbye to Holland Park Press.

Our authors should be proud to have your books published on a critically acclaimed literary list which is underpinned by the many excellent reviews and nominations for prizes.

I have loved being able to publish these wonderful books and to help promoting good literature and poetry, and I certainly have no regrets in funding the company for fifteen years.

So, with great regret, I say goodbye to be the publisher of Holland Park Press, but I will continue to promote great literature and hope to stay in touch with our authors, friends and supporters and everyone who has contributed to our publisher adventure.

Very best wishes,


1 April 2024