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Launch of The Yellow House, a novel about Vincent van Gogh

February 6, 2017

Join us to launch The Yellow House on Friday 3 March at 6pm in the Common Room of the Dutch Department, UCL, Third Floor, Foster Court, Malet Place, off Torrington Place, London WC1E 6BT.

The Yellow House, A novel about Vincent van Gogh, is a debut novel by Dutch author Jeroen Blokhuis and is translated by Asja Novak who studied in the Dutch department at UCL.

The Yellow House paints a fictional picture of Vincent van Gogh’s life between August 1888 and December 1889 when he lived in Arles in Southern France and where he created many of his masterpieces.

Jeroen Blokhuis tells the story from van Gogh’s point of view, from inside his mind, providing a fresh and revealing look at how this intriguing painter worked.

The Yellow House

‘Blokhuis describes a Vincent soaked in colour and alcohol akin a just finished painting soaked in oil.’ – Literair Nederland

‘The novel captivates you through the direct way in which Blokhuis portrays his character. With the same intense roughness with which Vincent van Gogh threw paint onto a canvas.’ – Rein Swart

‘Vincent van Gogh’s desperation and anger are beautifully translated into sentences full of action.’ – Vera ter Beest

An excellent opportunity to find out more about Vincent van Gogh, meet a new Dutch author, and acquire a singed copy of The Yellow House.

The brief formal presentation of the first copy will be followed by an informal reception with drinks and canapés.

Entrance is free and please reserve seats by emailing or phoning Holland Park Press:, 07792611929.

We would like to thank Professor Jane Fenoulhet and her team at UCL for hosting the launch.