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King of Tuzla

July 2, 2010

We are delighted to announce the publication of our first contemporary novel in a brand new translation: King of Tuzla, by Arnold Jansen op de Haar translated by Paul Vincent.

King of Tuzla tells the story of a young army officer who finds himself all of a sudden in the middle of a war as part of a UN unit in Bosnia in the former Yugoslavia, the scene of the most recent war in Europe.

Quite appropriately just in time for the fifteenth remembrance of the fall of the Bosnian enclave of Srebrenica on the 11th July

King of Tuzla is set in Bosnia just before the fall of Srebrenica and does not describe military battles or discuss strategies but instead it shows how war affects ordinary people, soldiers and civilians. It is also chronicles a writer’s search for his identity within a strict military environment.

King of Tuzla was first published in Dutch in 1999 to acclaim this was said at the time:

‘A great addition to Dutch literature’ – Hans Warren
‘A great debut’ – Trouw

King of Tuzla is translated by Paul Vincent. It is not often that an English translation is signed off by the author and a bilingual publisher as part of a unique initiative.

Exclusively available from this web site, don’t miss this excellent read and order it now.

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You can even watch this video about the Dutch UN unit at Tuzla airbase.