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Island Bays

September 24, 2010

By Venetia Ghozlan

Island Bays by Venetia Ghozlan

Ensconced in a threadbare quilt
wrapped around her shoulders
she sits in a bay-window island
lost in a reverie
as the gentle mists of Washington,

The suspension of water droplets, tease the dawning day
they soften building angles and the sculpted, sharp lines
into a blur
of rounded shapes.
A lonely horn echoes basso produndo
startling her out of her thoughts
then it slowly dies down into the grayed silence .

Settling back into the frayed blanket
she resumes the mental walkabout
dreaming of happiness and contentment
comfort and warmth
small things seemingly plebeian.

We women, are made to dream and hope
imaginings we hold in our hearts
sometimes keeping unto the grave undisclosed
even to spouses
occasionally made manifest and treasured
in small islands, located in bay windows
as gentle mist


© Venetia Ghozlan 2010


Venetia Ghozlan is the runner-up in the Frederik van Eeden Poetry Competition.


Venetia Ghozlan is 53 year old and of mixed cultural heritage and a humanist. She works for the USA federal government and has written since she could breathe…or at least think, cognitively.


She is inspired by the whispers in the wind, the screams contained in the thunder and the silence of mutes.
The following poems have been published or are pending publication:
Reflections of a Hopscotcher – Howard University, The Amistad Spring Anthology 2007
Pillars of Salt – Language and Culture, 2008 Winter/Spring edition
A Mad Writer – Howard University, The Amistad Ars Poetica Spring Anthology 2008
The Patron – Howard University, The Amistad Ars Poetica Spring Anthology 2008
Morning Worship – Wordgathering, 2010 March Edition
A Hostile Take-Over – Wordgathering, 2010 March Edition
Tears of a Pariah – Wordgathering, 2010 June Edition
Singer of Blues, Cobalts and Indigos, The 10th Christell Writing Contest June/July 2010