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Forever Available – Van Eeden in England

March 26, 2010

To celebrate the 150th birthday of the famous Dutch writer Frederik van Eeden, the Frederik van Eeden Genootschap (Society) has published a special anniversary edition of their Annual Yearbook.

Among many other interesting articles, Hedwig’s Journey is featured in an article by Joost van Mierlo entitled: Forever Available – van Eeden in England. It discusses van Eeden’s love for England and his friendship with Lady Victoria Welby.

Holland Park Press is very proud that we are singled out as the publisher who keeps van Eeden’s name alive in the English speaking world by making available his novel Van de koele meren des doods under the title Hedwig’s Journey.

I simply loved reading this novel and I am keen to hear what you think so order Hedwig’s Journey now and join many happy readers.