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Engel in Pictures

January 4, 2010

By Arnold Jansen op de Haar

Arnold Jansen op de Haar, the author of Engel, took his Christmas break in London. He visited several of the locations featured in his new novel Engel and luckily his publisher had her mobile phone to hand to record the events.


The author enjoying a bit of fresh air on the balcony.

Author on balcony

Engel, p 91: She ran as fast as she could, keeping going and going farther, until she ran out of breath, still she didn’t stop. When she reached the Italian Gardens she couldn’t continue and at last she dared to glance over her shoulder.

Running past the Italian Gardens

Engel, p 111: The brickwork of the Crusting Pipe was in places darkened by candles and this made its vaulted arches look even more like old Dickensian mine tunnels… He and Angel were sitting opposite each other, looking somewhat self-consciously, in one of the booths inside the basement wine bar.

Enjoying a glass of wine 

Engel, p 82: It was very busy in Hyde Park: Children flew their kites with help from their fathers… very fashionable young mothers… strolled along with trendy buggies… Near the round pond it was much quieter.


Near the Round Pond 

© Arnold Jansen op de Haar
© Translation Holland Park Press
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