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24 December 2011
Elementary Particles

I rather pity the Higgs boson. As far as I understand it, this particle flies back and forth like a madman but no one can see it. The most it amounts to is a spike in the ‘background noise’. Find out more

7 December 2011
Pippa Penguin

Last week I read somewhere that Pippa Middleton is having an identity crisis. Apparently she is finding it difficult to accept that people think of her as ‘Kate’s sister’. Find out more

13 December 2011
German Unity Sausage

Following the talks in Brussels, the front page of The Times showed David Cameron as Manneken Pis aiming at the head of Nicolas Sarkozy, and the next day someone remarked to me that Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel reminded her of Punch and Judy. Find out more

29 December 2011
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Merry (Literary) Christmas
21 December 2011
Best wishes for 2012
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20 December 2011
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