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26 April 2011
Mother & Son

It is not always such a bad idea to hide in a kitchen cupboard, especially not when a doctor has just told your mother the results of an important medical test. Find out more

26 April 2011
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30 March 2011
A Typical Person

When I come across a group of tourists, nine out of ten times I can guess their country of origin. It may be that you simply recognise the language, the number of cameras is suspiciously large or in any case they look very Japanese. But even with European tourists you can spot their roots miles away. Find out more

18 April 2011
The Wedding

For years my sister has been earmarking hats for my wedding; proper hats, not fascinators. A fascinator is one of these tiny concoctions worn at a jaunty angle on one’s head. They are very popular at the moment because they show off the hairdo. Find out more

2 April 2011
Angels & Devils Poetry Competition

A new poetry competition to celebrate the publication of Angel. Find out more

10 April 2011
My Life as a Horse

Fifteen-year-old Regina Mayer from the village of Laufen in Southern Germany has succeeded in making Luna the cow jump like a horse. Her farmer parents refused to give her a horse, so she simply saddled one of their cows. After a bit of effort, she managed to teach the cow to jump over a fence. Find out more

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18 April 2011
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Angels & Devils
02 April 2011
A daring new Poetry Competition
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