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Holland Park Press


I is Another - short story competition (English)
by Holland Park Press

Your chance to see your short story published

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Axel Graafland 27 (English)
by Pieter Thomassen

Instalment 27: From the leatherette back seat in Roy Heijnens’s, the red-headed owner of driving school ROY, dual control Daffodil, Axel watches fearful sweat drops trickle down his mother’s neck.

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Fictional Brits (English)
by Arnold Jansen op de Haar

Who will it be: Harry Potter, Basil Fawlty, Paddington Bear, Mr Bean, Dr Who or James Bond after all? I don’t believe there is another country with as many fictional celebrities as the United Kingdom. To select the greatest fictional celebrity is rather difficult because there is a long history.

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No New Year’s Resolution: just sell more books!

Featured Book

Hedwig's Journey by Frederik van Eeden
Hedwig's Journey

‘Why did Hedwig end up in Paris after getting lost in London? Read more about it.’

Revised version of the original translation by Margaret Robinson. Why did Hedwig end up in Paris after getting lost in London?


Catch up with Axel Graafland
21 January 2015
Instalments 1 to 27 are now online
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The Stray American pictures
18 December 2014
A successful launch - now get your copy
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Marilyn Hacker & Deema Shehabi reading
24 October 2014
A picture from RAWI
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23 January 2015
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New title: The Stray American
19 July 2014
By Wendy Brandmark - published in October
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Laura Del-Rivo at the London Short Story festival
23 July 2014
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Norbert & Linda Hirschhorn
02 May 2014
Wow audiences in Berkeley USA
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Diaspo/Renga by Marilyn Hacker & Deema K Shehabi
08 May 2014
Innovative poetry you can’t afford to miss
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Away From the Dead by Karen Jennings
09 May 2014
Short stories by the Etisalat Literature Prize shortlisted author
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Finding Soutbek shortlisted for the Etisalat Prize!
22 January 2014
Congratulations to Karen Jennings!
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Pictures from the Haft Kouwenaar reading
31 October 2013
A discussion among poets
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